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Los Medanos Elementary School

Los Medanos Elementary School

It is our goal at Los Medanos to provide a safe environment for all students. LME students are expected to demonstrate exemplary behavior enabling them to achieve academic success.  In an effort to improve our school ecosystem and decrease the suspension rate, students and staff receive Mindful Life Program training.  The focus is to prioritize the whole child and the adults who work with students every day by creating a significant space for all, and cultivating mindfulness and compassion daily.

Students learn cooperative, respectful and responsible behavior by receiving positive and corrective feedback.  We have established a school-wide discipline policy. Teachers use a behavior system that allows students to reflect on the choices they make and to modify their behavior as needed.  Parents are encouraged to review this policy with your child.  It is important that parents, staff and students work as a team to establish a safe learning environment for all.  

  • Be safe by controlling your voice and body.
  • Be respectful by using your Lifeskills. 
  • Be responsible by following directions immediately.

  • Verbal praise
  • Lifeskills awards 
  • Bambucks
  • Teacher determined 

As a reminder, students are not allowed to bring items to school that distract from our instructional environment.  Items such as toys of any kind, cell phones, sports equipment, and trading cards of any kind may be confiscated by the teachers and returned only to parents.  Knives, real or fake guns, or any type of weapon will lead to an automatic 5-day suspension and may lead to expulsion.

Students who are disturbing others and causing distractions from the learning process may not remain in the classroom.  Our goal for high academic standards does not allow students to prevent the teacher from instructing the class or students from learning.  Please talk to your student so that he/she understands the high expectations and procedures for our learning community.

In order to maintain communication between home and school, we hold parent teacher conferences in October, send a monthly newsletter home, and send information via Parent Square, email, autodialer, and/or text. We also encourage our families to be in contact with their student’s teacher, establish ongoing communication, and share any concerns you may have regarding your child. You can sign up for the various forms of communication teachers use (Remind, Class Dojo, Google Classroom, email, etc.).
It is our goal to reduce the number of suspensions from school; however continued misbehavior that is distracting from the academic environment and/or certain behaviors that are unsafe and/or dangerous will not be tolerated.
Ed. Code 48925
Suspension is the temporary removal from ongoing instruction of a student from regular classroom activities or from school. Suspensions are not to extend beyond five (5) consecutive school days. Suspension for students considered for expulsion may be extended beyond five (5) consecutive school days by the Superintendent or his designee, after inviting the parents to participate in a meeting regarding the extension of the expulsion. Education Code 48911
Ed. Code 48910
For disciplinary reasons, a teacher may:
  • Suspend a student from his/her class for the day of the offense and the next day. Teachers are required to schedule parent conferences.
  • A pupil shall not be detained in school for disciplinary or other reasons for more than one hour after the close of the maximum school day, except as otherwise provided in Section 307. C.C.R. Title 5, Section 353.
  • Refer the student to the school counselor or appropriate administrator.
A student may be expelled from school only by action of the School Board of Education. When expulsion is recommended, an Administrative Hearing panel is convened to review the case and determine if there are sufficient grounds for expulsion. The student and his/her parents are notified of their rights, which include their right to appear before the Administrative Panel and present evidence and witnesses on the student's behalf, the right to confront witnesses against the student and the right to be presented by counsel (parents' choice). The Administrative Hearing Panel's findings and recommendations are submitted to the Board of Education through the superintendent.
Students who bring a gun (real or imitation firearm look-alike replica) to school shall be expelled. Students who participate in unlawful selling of a controlled substance (drugs) at school shall be expelled. Disciplinary actions will be taken regarding any other drug-related offenses (Zero tolerance). Please note the following circumstances for which discipline will be imposed. Especially note the three- (3) categories for action by the district.
  • Notification to Teachers Pursuant to EC 49079 (B.P. 5144.3)
Student Discipline and Safe Schools
Statement of Philosophy
The Governing Board of the Pittsburg Unified School District, in taking reasonable action pursuant to Education Code 48900-48923, intends that the schools be safe and orderly in providing a learning environment that is free from violence and disruption.
It is the intent of the governing board that detention, suspension, expulsion and involuntary transfer of pupils be used in a manner that emphasizes both the prevention of unsafe behavior and the rehabilitation of the disruptive pupil. Disruptive pupil behavior is a very serious matter and will not be tolerated in the schools. The policy on student conduct and discipline shall be administered at the school site or wherever and whenever students may be participating in school-sponsored or school-related activities.
The policy will also be administered in a manner that provides due process to pupils, parents and guardians.
It is the policy of the governing board to:
  • Allow suspension or recommend expulsion only when other means of correction fail to bring about proper conduct. However, a pupil may be suspended for any of the reasons enumerated upon a first offense, if the principal of the school at which the pupil attends determines that the pupil's presence causes a danger to persons or property or threatens to disrupt the instructional process.
  • Prohibit suspension as a punishment for truancy or tardiness.
  • Establish due process hearing procedures, observing limitations and conditions required by the Education Code and case law.
  • Provide notification to teachers and other appropriate certificated staff of students causing or attempting to cause serious bodily injury to others; or who has been found at court to have committed any felony or any misdemeanor involving curfew, gambling, alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, carrying of weapons, assault or battery, larceny, vandalism, or graffiti; or who has engaged in, or is reasonably suspected to have engaged in any of the acts described in 48900 except subdivision (h).
It shall be the annual responsibility of the Director of Student Services to develop rules that comply with the above stated policies, as well as appropriate provisions of the Education Code.